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Instructions on optional parameters

You may specify the optional parameters as follows for auto finding the cif files from open structural databases in the format of parameter=value, separated by comma (,) if multiple. For example, type in the optional parameter box to start ciffinder. The default values are listed as follows.

  • db_option=cod : database option. 'mpd' for Materials Project Database, 'cod' for Crystallography Open Database, or 'all' for all databases. Default value 'cod'.
  • max_num=50 : the maximum entries for querying the databases. Default value 50.
  • N.B. Part of the ADDIE web service requires the Diffpy-CMI python module, which, for the moment, is only compatible with Python=3.7. However, the backend engine ('pymatgen' is used here) providing API access to the Materials Project database drops the support for Python=3.7. Therefore, we have to drop the support for the 'mpd' option until the Diffpy-CMI upgrades their Python support version.