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This is a tool for calculating some basic characteristics for neutron and X-ray scattering. Given an input chemical formula, we will be calculating several critical quantities for your sample. Those quantities will be useful for post-processing your total scattering data and they include the Faber-Ziman coefficient, self-scattering level, scattering weight of partials, and potentially, a suggested input packing fraction.

If provided mass density and radius of sample, we can also calculate the neutron resonance. Concerning the sample density, either you can directly input the value in 'Sample Mass Density' box down below, or you can fill in the mass and height information so we can calculate the density for you. If both are specified, the calculated value will win.

Enter Info

Scattering Angles (degree, optional):

*A proper input of sample chemical formula is for sure required.

*Default values have been given to those variables needed for resonance absorption calculation.

*Given the input chemical formula and the measured mass density, the corresponding number density can be calculated.

*Given the full number density input, the full mass density can be calculated. But one needs to input a valid value in the 'Data Level at High Q' box, since the suggested packing fraction will be calculated altogether.